Hillpointe Parent Meeting Minutes 08/29/12

  1. Yoga classes- Potential to start in September.  Jennifer Kakita is asking for volunteers with yoga experience to help teach.
  2. Garden-Jennifer Kakita is looking for volunteers to help maintain the garden.
  3. Language Seminars-Parents, Zachelle Jordan and Mina Poon have volunteered to teach language seminars. Spanish and Mandarin.   Friday Spanish opportunity discussed by Cindy Collins.
  4. Discussion of what takes place on Fridays. Community/field trip/library opportunities. Tutoring and parent /teacher meetings can take place on Fridays as well.
  5. Trunk or Treat.  Need to determine a date, then a discussion will take place with our neighbors at Little Scholar and we can determine if the parking lot can be used.  Update for this next meeting.
  6. Drop off/Pick up procedures discussed.  Concern as to what security measures are in place.  Mr. Price has asked that any special situations be discussed with administration and staff and handled on a case by case basis.
  7. Discussion of gate issues.  Working to create a solution for this, hope to have an update within the next week or two.
  8. Discussion of parent involvement and opportunities for parents to visit classrooms. With the gate issue and drop off procedure, some parents were concerned that we have changed our philosophy on parent involvement. Please be assured that we continue to welcome parents and hope to have the traffic and gate issues addressed quickly.
  9. Discussion of adding parent meeting minutes to website.  Minutes will be added and updates will be made available on the website.
  10. Discussion of placing a mini refrigerator in the k-2 building for milk/etc.  Offered to raise money to provide this as well as looking in to a milk program.
  11. Wholesome Tummies hot lunch program discussed as well as the use of microwaves.  Please note that microwaves are not for student use.
  12. Parent asked about the potential of added sun shades over the playground. This will have to be discussed with landlord.